Vasumitra Life Energies Pvt. Ltd.

Producing Agri-inputs based on SamvedSanjeevan System to minimize chemical dependence & promotes sustainable farming system.

Incubated Since:  2017    HQ: Pune, Maharashtra   Sector: Agriculture    Sub-Sector: AgriTech

The Entrepreneur

Bhushan is an engineer by profession and belongs to Farmer family. He is passionate about farming and dedicate himself over a decade now.

The Challenge

Agrochemicals have multidimensional effects-

– Adversely affecting soil, water and all living beings.

– Decreasing productivity as the usage increases

– High costs

– Over-reliance on imports

– High resource production

– Environmental exposure of humans results in both acute and chronic health effects

The Solution

Vasumitra Aims to provide environment friendly solutions to agrochemicals will negate the environmental as well as ecological impact, while keeping farmers interests intact.

Advantages of SamvedSnajeevan System are-Low cost vis-à-vis agrochemical improved productivityZero imports, Low source production

– Positive environmental impact

-Thorough & indigenous R&D

– Quick results

– Compatibility with Indian geography

The Impact

Vasumitra Life Energies currently operating in 5 states like Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Assam. Their products compatible with 14 crops including F&V and mostly targeting Small & marginal land holder farmers to improve land productivity.  They help these farmers in getting organic certification for their produces.