TraceX Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

TraceX is a digital agricultural platform for supply chain transparency and traceability

Incubated Since:  2019    HQ: Bangalore   Sector: Agriculture    Sub-Sector: AgriTech

The Entrepreneur

Srivasta TS, Co-Founder, has 16+ years of experience in Software Solutions and
Engineering, IIM-B Alumnus and Anil Nadig, Co-Founder, has also 16+ years of experience in software
products and 5+ years of experience in Farming sector

The Challenge

  • Farmers- Weak market linkages, lower yields, credit access and lack of advisory.
  • Agri Businesses- unreliable information, poor production planning, lack of Traceability & visibility.
  • Agri Financiers- unreliable data, risk assessment, expensive field work.
  • Govt & NGOs- unreliable data, lack of traceability & visibility.
  • Consumers- Deadly chemicals and pesticides in food, lack of traceability and visibility.
  • Unorganized and siloed data: limited interoperability, and no transparency.

The Solution

  • Organized, connected, secured, auditable, verifiable information on the blockchain.
  • Supply chain optimization and reduced food loss.
  • Meet regulatory compliance.
  • Meet customer expectations.
  • Prevent counterfeit.
  • Improved brand positioning.
  • Gain customer trust.
  • Gain better traceability & visibility into quality.