Organicut Fresh Pvt. Ltd.

Organicut is an efficient model of marketing, storage and supply chain management of fresh fruits and vegetables. It maintains strong relationships with the most prestigious suppliers from across the globe to serve the Indian fresh fruit market. Currently, the company is importing from various countries such as Australia, China, Chile, Egypt, France, Italy, New Zealand,Peru, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, USA etc. The company is also the authorized distributor of Zespri (New Zealand), Nova Fruit (Italy) and Adani AgrifreshLimited (India). Organicut commands respect as a leading distributor and importer of fresh produce handling over 65,000 MT of produce every year.

Incubated since: 2020   HQ: Azadpur    Sector: Food      Sub-sector: Fresh-Food

The Entrepreneur

Mr.Sidhantt Suri has graduated as a Food Technologist from Amity University. He has rich experience in managing sales of imported fruits particularly for northern part of India.

The Challenge

Fruit and vegetable distribution in India is highly fragmented with the most players being regional or local, focused on one or two fruits only which increases the risk profile of the business.

The Solution

  • Diversified business model with a wide product mix, multiple procurement sources, and country-wide distribution. These factors combine to create a robust business model.
  • Procurement of apples, pears, oranges, kinnows, kiwis, mangoes & grapes provide it a significant advantage over other players in terms of stability of business mix with the presence in those fruits where demand is relatively price inelastic.
  • distribution of apples and other high altitude fruits, the product range has expanded significantly over the last few years and now includes the large volumes of mangoes, Bananas, citrus, kiwis, pears, grapes and other fruits
  • Offers committed, responsible, and efficient services of cold chain solutions in the industry (Warehousing, Distribution and Transportation).