New Leaf Dynamics Pvt. Ltd

Developed an Off-Grid Refrigerator/ Chiller & ripening chamber using bio-mass to reduce GHG emissions.

Incubated since: 2017  HQ:  Delhi   Sector: CleanTech     Sub-sector: Clean Energy

The Entrepreneur

Mr. Anurag is the Director and Co-Founder at New Leaf Dynamic Technologies (P) Ltd. With a Mechanical Engineering degree from IIT Kanpur, Anurag has been a crucial part of companies like Hero Honda Motors Ltd, HCL Ltd, Dhruva Technologies (P) Ltd. He also has interesting social initiatives like conceptualizing spoken English training campaigns for workers and cab drivers, through the medium of radio, to his credit.

The Challenge

The post-harvest wastage of vegetables, in India, account nearly for $6 billion annually, cutting in to the earnings of small farmers while wild unexpected price swings, take another toll. Large cold storage facilities are out of reach and unsuitable for the small farmers. Bringing down this wastage by 50%, is possible by incubating GreenCHILLTM; off-grid & biomass powered cold storages to store the horticulture produce before shipping it from farm site.

The Solution

New Leaf designs and manufactures GreenCHILL, an off-grid, compressor-free, renewable energy based refrigeration system. GreenCHILL is powered by farm-waste such as biogas, cow dung cakes, biomass pellets, wood, and hay, and allows safe and sustainable cooling of perishables (e.g. fish, fruit, vegetables, flowers and/or other produce) at the village/farm level before transport to a market or to a processing facility.

The Impact

The entire project is bankable as leading Government and Private Banks like State Bank of India,Union Bank of India, Federal Bank and Co-operative Bank have already appraised the projects at arm sites in Gujarat, MP, UP, Punjab, Odisha, Assam and provided bank loans to farmers to install GreenCHILL at the farm sites. For these installations farmers have already received subsidies from the Government of India.