Nandinandan Breeds & seeds India Pvt Ltd


Incubated since: 2019   HQ: Lucknow Sector: Agriculture      Sub-sector: Agri-Tech

The Entrepreneur

The Challenge

Livestock has been largest livelihoods for women headed and small & marginal farmers across the country.  With 135 million goats and over 40% of stock getting sold annually, a huge market suffers from lack of efficiency and transparency.

Irony in sale & purchase of livestock like goats is – we can purchase today anything within 2 to 3 hours but not goats, which will take at least 3 to 5 days to get even for a single good lactating goats.

Problem lies on two fronts – Standardization of pricing based on objective criteria and unavailability of information of seller and buyer in a geography and at a given point of time.
Rates are subjected to estimation & tectonic assessment largely known to traders through trial and error methods but not known to producer, who invests over a year to produce the product.

The Solution

Live body weight & grading based goat pricing; Mobile & web based information aggregation and livestock trade facilitation; Focus on breed (analogous to seed in agri) farmers’ development and link with breed market; Transparency in pricing will reduce bargaining time  and possibility of price; Reduce Entry barrier of  women and  educated youths in Goat trading; Will save time in locating buyers & sellers and  in turn high cost of acquisition; Chances of contagious disease spread will be reduced through virtual market; Commercial farmers will be able to assess input cost and output value through weighing their goats;

Technology Used/Contextualized as solutions to the problems

Pashubajaar –our E commerce web platform and App; Frozen semen of breeding buck & Artificial insemination in goats; Estrous (Heat) Synchronization in goats; Ultra sonography (USG) machine based Pregnancy diagnosis; Complete Feed block for goats; Herbals for health protection for goats; Low cost hydroponic stand for green fodder supply.