Kailash Agro Cold Storage (KACS) Pvt. Ltd.

Kailash Agro Cold Storage (KACS), was established in the year 2013, with its first cold storage warehouse in Delhi NCR on Mathura Road.


Incubated since: 2019   HQ: Delhi  Sector: Agriculture      Sub-sector: Agri-Tech

The Entrepreneur

The Challenge

India loses several billions of dollars of worth of Agricultural produce due to inefficient and poor storage at various levels. Cold storages in India are poorly managed.

The Solution

Kailash Agro Cold Storage (KACS), is dedicated to being the leader in providing highly reliable and cost-effective warehousing and logistics solutions. Its solutions for the frozen and refrigerated food industry, give customers a competitive edge enabling them to succeed in an ever-changing business environment.

KACS is passionately driven to advance, innovate, and serve companies seeking the best cold storage. Our biggest reward is their sustained success.

KACS is providing warehousing and logistics solutions, especially in solutions for the frozen and refrigerated food industry, through partners or rented/leased facilities. KACS is also providing various the following services in addition to the above such as the market, plant operations and maintenance, turnkey projects implementation and consulting, fresh produce procurement, dedicated custom servicesolutions, value added services and other ancillary works and services as related to the logistics in particular and food sector in general.