Inceve Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Indigenous Scanning Sonar products based on IoT for Fishing & Navigation, Harbor Defense, Beach Facilities and Defense Applications.

Incubated since: 2018   HQ:  Bengaluru, Karnataka  Sector: Agriculture    Sub-sector: Marine Tech

The Entrepreneur

Chitty Babu is passionate about innovative technologies & has rich experience of developing same. He was a product architect for Nokia & HP. To improve the efficiency of fishermen in India and its subcontinent, he & his team come up with 360-degree SONAR & intelligent fishing solutions.

The Challenge

Fishermen in India still use traditional techniques to catch fish. The fish stock is either over exploited or under exploited. Fishermen almost working on trial and error basis. Resulting in huge waste of time, effort and money. Also, with the climate change, the spanning patterns, availability of fish stock is not measured. The changing temperature, salinity and weather are crucial along with the sea bed conditions for effective long term solutions.

The Solution

Inceve make intelligent collaborative products and solutions to add efficiency to fishing industry, thereby making a difference in:

–  Fishermen’s quality of catch

–  Predict patterns of fish life cycle and provide proper guidance to fishermen and Government for Sustainable fishing

–  Map entire Indian coast with (Geo location, Time, Temperature, Salinity, Weather, Fish data, time) – provide better analytics


They are improving South Indian Fishermen’s lives with good income by guiding them for better catches. They are enabling highly effective methods for sustainable fishing &Effective utilization of Marine Resources.