FruitFal Pvt. Ltd.

Incubated since: 2019   HQ: Noida  Sector: Agriculture      Sub-sector: Agri-Tech

The Entrepreneur

The Challenge

Millions of farmers want to earn their fair share of revenues for their hard work. Farmers struggle to find market options for secured income. Farmers need to connect to small shops and street kiosks efficiently. Fresh produce in India is a several billion dollars’ industry.

The Solution

Organize the unorganized platform for efficiently connecting the Farmers and MSMEs. Market the produce as branded product. Farmer gets Direct market linkages; Better and reliable payments which improve their quality of lives; Valuable farm inputs sustainable fair trade; Brand best practices. FruitFal as a Branded product with Modern internet-based trading platform which is driven by precise demand data, Forecasting, Prediction and Guarantee volumes and prices. They also connect Small shops to regular supply.In short, FruitFal is about: E-payments-immediate settlements-direct markets-credit-financing-inclusive.