ECSO Global Pvt. Ltd.

Absolute™ is building chain of large scale Indoor & Semi-Indoor Vertical farms to grow food. Absolute™ farms are upto 400 times more productive than traditional farms. It intersects Deep Learning, AI, Data Science, Plant biology, Agri-science, Hydrology, Aerodynamics & Engineering to create magic with food.

Incubated since: 2018   HQ:  Noida ,UP  Sector: Food     Sub-sector: Vertical Farming

The Entrepreneur

Agam is a serial entrepreneur who has focus upon the sustainable business like Clean Energy, organic food, hydroponics etc. involving current technologies.

The Challenge

As the world population explodes and resources become scarce, it becomes imperative to grow more & better per unit area of land. Absolute Fresh has championed Yield, Taste, Purity & Nutrition while utilizing less than 5% resources used in traditional farms.

The Solution

Absolute Farms merge the best in Technology along with Best in traditional agri practices to grow World’s Tastiest, Purest & Healthiest fresh fruit & veggies. It leverages AI, Data Science, IoT & Automation in sync with plant biology, agri-science & hydrology to bring to people food that really transforms life.

The Impact

Moving towards sustainable farming techniques with least environmental impact. Reducing dependence on traditional agriculture for every ingredient of consumption. Promoting urban farming concepts in rapidly growing urbanization in India.