Connedit Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Building a digital ecosystem for food commodities purchase for the businesses across the country linked with credit and consulting services.

Incubated since: 2018    HQ: Delhi  Sector: Agriculture    Sub-sector: Commodity Trading

The Entrepreneur

Founded by IIT duo Akash& Abhishek with experience of supply chain, the startup differentiates itself by leveraging bulk buying powers and providing world class service levels in an otherwise poor service oriented market.

The Challenge

75% of an SME’s & Restaurant’s income goes in procuring recurring raw materials due to inefficient Food Supply chain and it happened due to:

– Overcharged rates for unsecured credit terms

– Lower margins to farmers who produce

– High costs due to multiple middlemen & warehousing

–  Unclear demand & sales projections for manufacturers

The Solution

Technifybiz is a B2B technology driven food wholesale platform. On the supplier side we have a broad base of suppliers with stringent quality measures and customized solutions, whereas on the customers end we supply to big industries to small wholesalers.


They are Eliminating layers of intermediaries and aims to touch Farmers lives YTD is 100.