Cerelia Nutritech Pvt. Ltd.

Cerelia Nutritech is an IP based social enterprise contributing for the enrichment of quality of life by
developing innovative healthcare solutions addressing diverse medical needs.

Incubated since: 2018   HQ:  Delhi   Sector: Food Tech    Sub-sector: Food Technology

The Entrepreneur

NVV Kiran Vuppala, Co-Founder and BIRAC Social Innovator, is a bonafied
Biotechnology expert, seeks to revolutionize the health care industry by bringing frugal innovations for
women and children.

The Challenge

  • 55.3% women aged 15-49 years are anemic
  • 55.8% Adolescent girls aged 15-19 years are anemic
  • 1.8% women aged 15-49 years are severely anemic
  • 1.7% Adolescent girls aged 15-19 years are severely anemic
  • 69.5% children aged 6-59 months old are anemic

The Solution

  • Fast Acting- An onset time of upto 15min, the biomolecules enter directly into the bloodstream,
    bypassing the Gl tract – thus no gastric irritation/gastritis
  • Higher Bioavailability- No first pass metabolism, thereby ensuring higher bioavailability delivery
    of intended payload biomolecule
  • Easy to use- Non messy and non-greasy. Can be applied under clothing
  • Sustained Release- Sustained blood nutrient level upto 24hrs along with a dual benefit of
    replenishing micronutrient reserve