Better & Boon’s Venture Services Pvt. Ltd.

End to end Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Supply Chain company with a vision to “Create wealth and opportunity to the farmers of India”, operating in tier II cities.

Incubated since:  2018   HQ:  Delhi  Sector: Agriculture    Sub-sector: farm-to-work

The Entrepreneur

Atul is Food Tech Engineer with a Post Graduate in Agribusiness from IIM Ahmedabad. worked as Business Analyst & Strategy Manager with the Cold Chain Division of GatiLogistics. His passion to solve the demand of fresh F&V to the Tier II cities customers.

The Challenge

There is a certain joy to be experienced while working with fresh produce in the kitchen. It holds many health benefits and tastes pretty great. But we city dwellers do not get access to fresh fruit and vegetables all that often and we are forced to resort to whatever we have at our disposal.

The Solution

Daily2Home, Fruits & Vegetables Supply Chain Optimization

For B2C Customers:

– We provide customers the choice to decide what they want to buy, by providing complete food traceability from farm to fork.

– Hassle-free buying through home delivery and enhanced buying experience through retail stores.

– Pre-washed & Ozonized products for the health conscious customers.

For B2B Customers:

– Connecting institutional buyers directly to farmers


For Farmers, they are Creating access to high-margin retail market, providing Storage facility to mitigate price risk for the farmers&Empowering farmers to build their own brand.