ASM Krishiyog Pvt. Ltd.

Building a platform that connects all the major players in the agriculture ecosystem to provide end-to-end visibility as well as value added services to FPOs and farmers.

Incubated since: 2017    HQ: Hyderabad, Telangana   Sector: Agriculture    Sub-sector: AgriTech

The Entrepreneur

Ashwin is an engineer by profession & lived a very comfortable life in US before realizing the need to improve his community farmer’s life. He realized that the absence of relevant information creates obstacles for all stakeholders of Agriculture. He developed an ERP system for everyone to eliminate information asymmetry.

The Challenge

Challenges in Agriculture sector are widespread for every stakeholder like:

FPO: Manual Record Maintenance, Inefficiencies in Operations, Low Member-engagement

Banking/NBFC: Credit Default, No Credit History of Farmers, no information on planned/unplanned spend of Customer

Agri-input Companies: Improper product usage, Limited Agri-advisory by retailers, No targeted product recommendations

Research Organizations: Disconnect between the farmers & Researchers, Limited usage of PoPs, Inefficiencies in User Tracking/Feedback

The Solution

– To assist small & marginal farmers at all touch-points to increase their profitability

 Make them sustainable through:



They are targeting to create impact with following visions like Impacting at least 1 million farmers positively by 2022, Increasing the net profit to farmer by a minimum of 30%, Developing at least 500 rural entrepreneurs, Introducing and encouraging sustainable agriculture practices to at least 10% of our farmer community&Facilitating transactions of at least $1bn worth on the KrishiYog platform.